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FISHING Knots - Pro-Knot Fishing Knot Cards


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Features the 12 best fishing knots, described and illustrated on six plastic cards (two more knots added)! Waterproof plastic cards mean you can stash this little reference (just 2 1/4 x 3 1/2) in a tackle box or on a boat for years and not worry about it getting wet! Six cards are attached together in corner with a brass grommet. 12 most popular fishing knots are clearly illustrated: Improved Clinch, Palomar Knot, Uni-Knot, Snell Knot, Dropper Loop, Surgeon's End Loop, Blood Knot, Albright Special, Non-Slip Loop Knot, Double Uni-Knot Surgeon's Knot and Perfection End Loop. Every angler should have a set of these little cards in their tackle box!

1 card set ships in US for just $0.90!

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