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From our many happy customers:

Just a note to thank you for the extraordinary service. Great product fairly priced and very quickly delivered. What more could a person ask?

— Richard E

The Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide is a great little guide worth the money takes up very little room and keeps the rust out when it's been awhile since you tied those knots.

— Jason F

find it very helpful. Good price. Fast shipping.

— J. D

This is a great starter to intermediate knot tying manual. 'Ultimate' might be stretching it but it's close. Definitely adequate! You would be 'the man' if you mastered every knot in this manual! The envy of every other deck hand for sure!

 — ciao, Scott P

These cards are great to have in my pack. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and all the cards are held together well. You can't go wrong with these.

— Bryan S

Knots for any situation, depicted with easy to follow diagrams. What every outdoor enthusiast needs, and at a very nice price. I love surprising friends with these as gifts!

— Mike S

This is an excellent product I purchased the Saltwater edition for 1 tackle box and the Freshwater edition for my other, it's an excellent reference. The plastic coating makes it waterproof, cleanable and durable. Thank You!

— A.K

These are the handiest things I've found for my tackle box. The illustrations are easy to follow and make tying knots a breeze! I highly recommend them.

— Will K

These are the knots I needed but never had time to memorize. Diagrams are easy to read & follow. Tucks away neat & looks like it'll last forever!

— Max

I was so impressed with my first order I am ordering more!

— Phil W

The plastic is thin enough to be lightweight, heavy enough to be durable. Well worth the price, although I did get mine at a big discount store it was the same price as here.

— microjoe

Buy it, use it, love it; enough said.

— None

This is a Nifty little tool for out on the water. It has a bunch of the most popular fishing knots that you would use. It also becomes a retractable 12" ruler to help measure your prized fish. And it’s WATERPROOF.

— Bones

This is a Nifty little tool for out on the water. It has a bunch of the most popular fishing knots that you would use. It also becomes a retractable 12" ruler to help measure your prized fish. And it’s WATERPROOF.

— Jess K

Two good knots I found in this are the double uni knot and the surgeons’ loop- 4 stars because of price for some pictures on plastic. But, if it'll save a $5 lure due to a knot that fits the situation then I'm in!

— Peanutter

These are great guides to the most common fishing knots and they're easy to pack because of their compact size. Also they're printed on plastic, so they are waterproof and very durable. I'm a salt water fisherman, so the fact that they are corrosion resistant is important to me.

— Tiny T

I really liked the size, types of knots displayed, and the sturdy construction of the reference. It was put together real well and will fit nicely in a tackle box or glove box. I recommend it to anyone and may even purchase a few more just to have a couple of extras.

— Michael N

This thing is very cool. And everyone that I gave one too loved it. Has a bunch of good and useful knots on it and is very very durable.

— David H

Handy little tackles item. Great for quick reference to knots for fishing, when you're not a memory knotter. Helps keep the hook on the line. Handy ruler also.

— PJ S

This item is simple, clear & easy to use. It holds up very well in the elements and can be tucked in any small pocket or just about anywhere in your tackle box or vehicle. It's a great go anywhere aid that you can't beat for the price.

— Furman O

This is quite an informative product. Never knew how to tie these knots for fishing. Learned a lot. Thanks

— Joyce W

I bought a couple of these for my wife's and my tackle boxes. They are made of sturdy plastic and seem like they should last a while. The instructions for the knots are easy to read. My only concern is the medal grommets that hold it together...I don't know if they will rust eventually if they get wet. I'm happy with these and actually going to order a couple more right now as gifts for people.

— Mark N

Note: grommets are solid brass and do not rust.

I am very happy on this product and the timeframe on which I received it.

— Darren P

While the knots it shows are most useful, it opens into a 12-inch ruler. In most states, like MD, they raise the size limits every year so a 24-inch would be much more valuable. But very useful nonetheless!

— Jeanne L

Although the best way to learn any knot is to be shown, this is a good way to remember and practice them. It's small, light, sturdy and waterproof. There's not much more you can expect from a product like this. This is one of those ideas I wish I had come up with.

— Rich S

My husband just loves these little "how-to" for fishing knots. I was surprised how happy he was to get this product. He has commented frequently, rare for him, on how much he likes it.

— Pearly Sue

This little series of cards is very helpful for identifying and tying knots for the person who does not tie knots on a daily basis.

— Tommy L

Love the information, easy to follow visual directions, very clear and on point instruction. I highly recommend for those that can't remember all the knots out there.

— Roy

Great item. Fits easily in your pocket and your tackle box. Simple instructions makes tying new knots easier. Must have item when tying all types of fishing line.

— Jolly

Great for anyone. Very neat reference cards for anyone who uses fishing line. Nice size for tackle box or wallet and has the most common knots used for fishing.

— Brokeneck45

Although I've not tried any of the knots illustrated on the cards, I can say the quality of the material looks good. The cards are made of plastic I think so should hold up to some abuse. I've been so busy lately that I've not had time to get out and do any fishing but when I do, I think this product will come in handy. It's pretty inexpensive and best of all - wait for it - it doesn't need batteries.

— Oliver M

Since I found the PROKNOT Outdoor Knot cards--I'm never without them. All the best knots to know on 6 waterproof cards that fit in my pocket. The illustrations are easy to follow and make knot tying EASY! They make the perfect gift and stocking stuffer for anyone who backpacks, camps or wants to know how to tie knots for any situation. Great product!!!


Quick and useful, like a refresher course with one look, great in the tackle box.

— Danny Y

This is a handy reference to have around. Cards appear to be durable and are waterproof. Throw it in your tackle box.

— gnubalance

This card book is great and I have supplied it to the scouts as a handy reference book as it fits in a pocket and easy to follow.

— Henry A.

This item is great! Very clear instructions/illustrations and explanations for use. Light, compact, waterproof. Covers all the most useful knots and then some. Get this, it's a no brainer.

— Polski

This is pretty cool. It shows you how to tie some basic knots that can come in handy in various situations. I got this so I can leave it in my go bag with 100ft of some paracord.


I like camping and know a few different knots, this was very helpful in making many types to fit certain situations, and in some cases better one of the kind I already uses.

— Hatchling

I really enjoyed getting this, water proof card set. Has a lot of common knots but is missing a couple that unless you are on a NAVY ship you'll never need.

— Eric Z

I purchased this item in the hopes of helping myself and my son to be better knot tiers. These little cards do a great job at educating in the art of the knot. The cards are thick plastic and should last a lifetime. If you are looking for a minimal tool to help boost your knot tying skills, a product which is long lasting, and for relatively cheap. Check this one out.

— jaaple

I've been meaning to do this forever; that is, learn how to tie something other than a square knot or the over-and-over, only-works-because-it-can-never-be-untied-in-my-lifetime knot. I keep these cards in my toolbox. I used it to tie a bowline & had a ridiculous sense of competency that was way out of proportion, but I enjoyed it anyway.

— deenibeeni

i got this because everyone should know a couple basic knots. i was so impressed with it when it arrived. they not only explain how to create the knot but also the situations that the knot should be used it. i love it and have referred several friends :) great gift idea as well. my eagle scout friend was quite impressed.

— Lauren

I ordered this mainly to learn some Knots. This is nice to throw in the backpack and take out for a camping trip. Use the examples to try out some knots. Good product. Very useful.

— Susan M.

The Knot tying guide was purchased for some nieces who want to start doing more in their fishing. They have both found it helpful and their knots were tested under real conditions and survived. The product is compact and doubles as a ruler. The knots are explained simple enough for the kids. It is waterproof and will fit nicely in any small tackle box.

— M Hilbert

I'm one of those people who will forget a rarely used skill after time. This is really helpful as a mental refresher. Quality design and construction as well.

— Chris V

This is a great knot resource; compact, durable, very accessible, and well designed. You can't go wrong

— Blues Punk.

I got tired of having to tie everyone's knots on the boat. I'm going to put these on lanyards with a set of clippers on each one. I just bought myself more fishing time. Thanks for a great product!

— Tina E

This should be a must for alot of fishermen, even if you're one of the best, there are times, you need something to "refresh" the ole memory. They're good for reference, cause, no matter what, you can't remember everything.

— Codfather

Liked the card so well, am ordering a dozen for friends and family.

— Bill D King

Thank you for your great customer service! I put my order in on Monday and I received them Thursday. I want companies who provide this kind of service to know it is appreciated!

— Mike K

Just a note to say thank you for sending the knot cards so quickly. I have used the fishing knot cards often, now I can use the boating cards on our sailboat. Again, Thank You! Bob H Melbourne Fl

— Bob H