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NetKnots® offers an excellent and cost effective advertising platform for any company. It is of particular value to outdoor sports related companies, due to our demographics.

Campaigns are available on this heavily trafficked site of outdoor enthusiasts on "Run of Site", or "Run of Section" basis. Various standard ad sizes are available including Leaderboard and three sizes of Sideboard ads. We run campaigns individually or as package deals, with monthly, semi-annual and annual plans available.

Please use our Contact Us page to request pricing and availability. We will provide our Alexa and Google verified site statistics including historical page view numbers, demographics and other data. Once your campaign is launched, you will have full access to all of your ad stats - ad views, click through numbers, ratios, CPM's etc.

Below are some of our standard campaigns.

Leaderboard horizontal banner ads - Standard size of 728 x 90 is supported. Gif, JPG, Animation, Flash, and ActiveX are supported. These appear above and below all page content.

Sideboard Ads - Three sizes are available: 225 x 225 Square and 300 wide x 300 high and 300 wide by 600 high. Sideboard ads appear on the right and left sides of pages surrounding the main content (225's on the left, 300 wide on the right). Gif, JPG, Animation, Flash, and ActiveX are supported.

Please contact us for rates that will surprise you with very high numbers of views yet very reasonable pricing. We truly offer one of the best outdoor sports related advertising values on the internet!