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About us in conjunction with the J E Sherry Company, Inc. has been publishing and distributing its signature waterproof plastic Knot Cards since 1993, with over one million sold! We are located in beautiful Bend Oregon, a hub for outdoor product companies and a great launch pad for outdoor adventure - rock climbing, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, mountain is all here in Central Oregon.

In our Knot Card products we offer four versions for fishing knots: our Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide which has the ten best fishing knots and folds out to a 12 inch ruler, the Pro-Knot Fishing Knot cards which have twelve fishing knots in a six page “fan-pack” format, the Pro-Knot Fly Fishing Knots which have twelve fly fishing knots and the Fishing Knot Cards - Saltwater Edition, which feature twelve fishing knots including some knots commonly used in offshore fishing.

For Rope Knots we have essential one set of Pro-Knot cards, which we put into three different packages - Outdoor Knots, Boating Knots and Survival Knots. Why three packages for same product? Well, these cards are sold in many specific stores, like boating stores, outdoor stores, surplus/survivalist stores and so we package them accordingly for those stores. We offer all three here in case the cards are a gift for someone with a particular sport in mind - the package will match their interest. Additionally, we do offer one set that is a bit different and that is the Arborist Knot set. Check the product descriptions to see what knots are different on that set.

The Knot Tying Kit has one of the Pro-Knot best rope knot card sets with two hanks of practice cordage and a key chain carabiner.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a NetKnots representative regarding our Knot Cards (wholesale or retail), please e-mail us at or call 800-809-0341. Please note that we do not take retail phone orders or mail in orders. Enjoy your purchase and get outside!