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NetKnots Nail Knot Tyer Tool


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The NetKnots nail knot tyer helps you to tie your lines securely in a matter of moments and you don't have to worry about your knot coming undone. It is a handy tool for tying a Nail Knot on a fly line. This knot can be used to attach backing to a fly line and a leader to a fly line. It can be used to tie a number of different varieties of the nail knot. Includes paper instructions. The tool is constructed of one-piece stamped steel and includes a hook eye cleaner.

PLEASE NOTE: Not available to ship overseas.

***SHIPPING UPDATE***: The USPS has recently declared our packages of 1 item to be "Parcels" and are no longer available for First Class Letter rates. Therefore we have had to increase our shipping rates accordingly (to First Class Package/Parcel rate). Note that the shipping rate is now the same for 1, 2 or 3 Knot Cards or tools so it is more cost effective to buy more than one! Sorry for any inconvenience.

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